Friday, October 20, 2006

The end of America

And so it ends. With the suspesion of Habeus Corpus and the handing of despotic powers to the Executive Branch, we go quietly into the night. Our only hope is to remove the blight from the houses of congress this November.

Monday, November 21, 2005

End of Reason's Age

Kings have returned to this burnished land
Wearing thorny crowns over tin hats

Shouting the words of condemnation
wrapped in acts of desecration

Professing humility
encouraging hostility

Giving parchments of reason to rats
Banking on the pious porous sand

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The freedom to die (or be shot looting food)

First let me explain why I haven't blogged in a while.
Reason 1.) I am lazy.
Reason 2.) We just moved into a new house this summer and I have been quite busy.
Reason 3.) I am really lazy.

Everyone has been talking about the disaster of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. I have been awed at the whole thing. I remember seeing a program on The Discovery Channel or the Learning Channel about the deterioration of the wetlands that protected New Orleans. They mentioned that if a hurricane ever hit New Orleans directly, that the city would be destroyed.


I thought about that for a long time. Everytime a storm weak brewing and heading towards the gulf, I thought to myself, 'is this the end of New Orleans?' But they always just missed. Florida was taking the brunt, and while people died, it was never a disaster on the scale that we are witnessing now. Yet the President would be there almost immediately delcaring a disaster area, and giving his little brother money to help those in need.

It took the President 5 days to go to the site of Katrina's aftermath.

I am in awe.

People in America are starving and dying of thirst.
You know what else we don't hear about on the news in the land of the free?

Alligators feast on Katrina victims

We here more about Looters Rampaging.

Wow, people are dying of hunger and thirst, and all we can do is condemn them for looting.

I guess when the President and his cronies talk about freedom, they mean the freedom to be die horribly and be demonized for trying to stave off hunger the only way you can.

I am too disgusted to formulate a coherent argument or even a vicious attack on them.

Sad time to be an American.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The First Amendment is not a suggestion

In my home state of Indiana, judge Cale Bradford has ruled that a couple (who is divorcing) is prohibited from teaching their child non-mainstream religion.

I want to know who made this guy the guardian of this child's religious purity? And why are main stream religions so special?
I do not subscribe to any religion, but I am outraged that some ....person... is handing down orders about which imaginary friend people can and cannot teach to their children. (Ok my little jab is unwarranted, but it is just as valid for me to speak as if a god does not exist, as it is for most Americans to speak as if one does.)

I am quite certain that this 'gentleman is republican. I have yet to look him up as I was so mad that I had to blog immediately! How do these bilious insects get on the bench in the first place? If you haven't read the constitution, you shouldn't be allowed to sit as a judge of what is legal in this country. If you have read the constitution and you still make rulings that piss on the first amendment, you should be barred from serving in the capacity as an interpreter of laws!!!

Please please please people. Wake up to the smell of stagnation. This country is festering in the slime of decadence and ignorance. We are becoming the place that Elric ran away from. Those of us with intellect and open minds must reclaim the jewel of the age of reason. We must rescue it from those who would remake the dark ages in our time.

The First amendment is not a suggestion Cale! It is the backbone of liberty in this country! You do not get to decide which constitutional laws you will adhere to. If you don;t like them, lobby to have them changed, but do not presume to hold power over my rights as a human being and a citizen of the united States of America!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bull Shiavo!!

Are the Republicans Serious??? They claim to be the party of conservativism, the party of freedom, yet they attempt to usurp the rights of the people to determine the manner of their care and their death!! Any true conservative should be outraged at this abuse of power

When a government micro-legislates in order to advance a social agenda, it is a clear warning of THIEVES IN THE GUARD HOUSE!!! Who are these people, where did they come from? How do they think that it is in the interests of freedom to wrest away a mans legal right to cary out his spouses wishes because THEY think they know what's best for us?

I am so angry about all of this. At first I was indifferent, i don;t know the woman, and I don't really care what happens to her. But when the Republicans start creating law, without regard to the liberties of the rest of us, in order to advance some hypocritical "right to Life" BS, it angers me. Why is it that right-to-lifers issue death-threats? (If you haven't heard, Micheal Shiavo is receiving death threats).

If they were all so interested in saving lives, why the hell don;t they put as much effort into saving the people of Darfur?? Why is Terri Shiavo so damned important? Is Genocide less important than a families euthanasia dilemma?

WAKE UP PEOPLE - they don't care about Terri Shiavo, they want to use this event as a wedge in the next election!!! They want to use it as a spring board to tighten their grip on you, and keep the zealots foaming at the mouth.

End rant. Sorry I lost it for a minute.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Ordained hero.

I am amazed that the fascist actions of the Republican Party and the Bush Administartion in general, are being overlooked or ignored by the vast wasteland of the media and the grazing cattle of Americans.

It just sickens me that so many people are unable or unwilling to see through the Bush facade. Why oh why is it so hard to learn from history. Actually I just thought of a reason as I was typing this. It is our portrayal of history inaccurately that lessens it's impact. The things that the Nazi's did are considered terrible, but the actions have been too closely linked to the Nazi's, i.e. they were bad because the Nazi's did them. Unless the Republican party renames itself the Nazi party, their followers won't see the parallels. They can do whatever they like. Bush could even give Hitler's famous speeches word for word, and his supporters would spin it and move on. He has said things that Hitler has said, and no one has blinked.

Have you seen that commercial where some soldiers come into an airport and everyone just starts clapping, The first thing that I thought of was the return of the legions to ancient Rome.
The parade to celebrate the defeat of Pompey.

When the soldier is a hero, merely for being a slodier, his role as 1st citizen is all but assured. I am no enemy of our troops, on the contrary, I repsect the decision to give ones life over to the service of ones country. It is my reverence for the true heros of our nation, those who have earned the Medal of Honor, who struggled and suffered and died, so that their fellow citizens could live in pursuit of happiness - my reverance for these people and their deeds holds me to a higher standard for the term hero. Soldiers are not heroes, those who save lives at great personal risk are heroes. Some heroes are soldiers, but not all soldiers are heroes.

When a leader is cloaked in the glory of the deeds of the soldiers who fight in our stead, that leader becomes benefactor of that glory. When young people die horribly, it is not in the best interest of that leader to have the masses know, at what price our freedom is maintained. And worse, if that ultimate sacrifice is given to a cause that is in no way linked to the freedom of those for whom the sacrifice was meant, the soldier becomes a tool. Even a napkin to wipe away the dirt of the foul business of tyrants.

I recall being taught that a leader is responsible for the actions of his subordinates. Why then were the low ranking enlisted punished for torture, and none of the leaders held responsible?
How can there be torture in so many places under the watch of the US Army, that is isolated and not policy?

Turn around and face what is being told to you. -
The tyrant is infallable. To have freedom, you must sacrifice liberty. To be American you must not question the leadership in time of war. To be a hero is to obey and die when commanded. No one is dieing, these are merely numbers, no photos allowed.

The Tyrant is ordained and annointed in the blood of the hero. And we look the other way.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Pledge

I thought I'd initiate my blog with my thoughts on the pledge of alleigence and the whole 'god' thing. No real reason, just had an opinion all ready to be snipited.

The problem is not that "god" is in the Pledge but that children who don't believe in ANY god should have to utter it. It is an implicit support of Deistic or Monotheistic religion. It is not in keeping with the professed values of freedom of religion. Any idea that is presented in school or in the context of state controlled, funded or sponsored activities is an implicit acknowledgement that the state supports that idea and, by exclusion, does not support the opposite idea.
If the Pledge said ". . .one nation, godless" Then those who believe in a god would be unhappy or outraged. Or replace it with devil. Same effect.The reason so many religious people(an indeed some non-religious as well) find it so silly for the non-religious people to object to this phrase is because to them the phrase is benign. To live in a place that is hostile to you is difficult enough without being forced to acknowledge that your opinions have no weight.
No, the word "god" in the pledge does not hurt anyone explicitly. But it fortifies an idea of a US pseudo-theocracy. That Americans are those "under god."
What about those who do not see themselves as under god, any god? They are also Americans. And the pledge, as it stands, does not apply to them.